How to pocket the dough in a noisy online world.
A profit building webinar with...
  Phil Basten
Jane Mark
At times the internet can seem like the Wild West.

It's crowded, crazy, undisciplined, and sometimes filled with a lot of noise and nonsense.

There are pitfalls, muddy roads, cliffs to climb, and you may encounter some hard knocks along the way.

But -

You Can learn how to navigate it, have some fun, and most importantly - find out how to put some dough in your pocket.

That's just what we are going to do today.

Phil and I will show you some rapid and easy changes you can make in the way you promote, resulting in a lot more sales for you, and I mean a lot more sales.

Before we start, I want to get you thinking about a couple of things, so I will start by asking you a couple of questions. You can throw the answers up in the Chat room.

Phil is in the chat room monitoring the answers, so don't be shy; there are no right or wrong answers.

Here we go...
Question 1: What are some of the things you should never do when you send an email out?

I am specifically thinking of your subject line, which is the first thing people see.

Answer 1: Never send all caps or a lot of capitalized words. It is considered yelling. Not only is it bad form, but It will get you into spam lickety-split.

Never use these words in your subject line.

Free, money, earn, cash, income, join today, offer, order, million, buy, get, sale.

In fact, there are hundreds of everyday words that will land your email in the spam box, so before you send an email, make sure you check it first.

If you send out an email with spam words in it, your email will end up in the spam folder, and if no one sees your emails, your goose is cooked.

You must always test your subject lines and your content before wasting precious time creating and sending an email ad only to find it never arrived in anyone's inbox.

You can check your emails instantly at one of our best sites called Email Content Checker.

It is drop-dead easy to do. It takes less than 2 seconds.

I will show you how to do that a little later on in the webinar.
Question 2: What are some of the elements an email ad must contain to be effective?

Remember, your goal is to get your reader to click on your email link, so what do you need to do to get someone to click on your link.

Answer 2: Be direct about what it is you are selling.

Make the email only as long as it needs to tell the story of your product or service and pique the reader's interest. Sometimes that can be short, or it may need to be longer depending on the product you are selling and how much it costs.

Everyone loves a good story so let your email tell a story.

Think about what would make you click on the link, and chances are if you would click it on it, your reader will too.

You also want to make your emails unique (which is another name for NOT Boring).

Don't be afraid to be funny or tell a personal story about the site you are promoting or tell people why you joined.

Put your own personality into your emails, and others will respond.

In other words, don't just grab the promo in the member's area that will look like everyone else's, make your emails unique, and develop your own style.
Example 1
Here something very simple you can do.

I signed all my emails like this:

Go get um

Jane Mark

People open and remember your emails when there is something unique and personal about them.

Let me say that again.

People open and remember your emails when there is something unique and personal about them.

Never leave out your full name. The internet is so impersonal. People want to know they are dealing with a real person.

It brings a level of trust and confidence. Don't leave it out. This forces you to promote only sites that you are proud to be a member of and people will respond to this.
Example 2
One of our clients is Bob Welcome.

You may have seen some of his emails on our lists.

First of all, Bob has a memorable last name. It is hard to forget, and he uses it with various expressions at the end of his emails.

Bob is from Australia, the same as my partner, Phil.

I made one small suggestion to Bob, and that was to play up his Aussie roots because people all over the world love Australians, and sure enough, I see wonderful, funny stories in Bob's emails like this:

Click to check out one of Bob's posts here:

I bet once you read this, you'll never forget the name Bob Welcome.

So here's the point.

When you promote online, you want to do something in your ad that makes you stand out from the crowd so that they want to open your emails and want to read what you have to say. You want to make people eager to read what you have to say.

Part 1 - Test your subject lines.
Let's say you have written what you think is the perfect attention-grabbing headline.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your email arrives in your reader's inbox.

The way you do that do is to test your subject lines.

Let me show you a quick and simple way to do that.

I will log into my account at Email Content Checker and show you how easy it is to test your subject line.

Here is my subject line:

My Score is 99 - Would you like to find out what yours is?

This is a subject line I use when I promote Email Content Checker.

As you can see, my score really is 99

Any score of 90 and above, and you are good to go — your emails will land in your subscriber's inbox.

No ifs and or buts.

Now let's test another one.

Making Money Online is just a Walk In the Park.

Whoops, that scores only 85 will get me into the spam folder so let's see what it tells me to change.

It tells me money has got to go and that I have too many capital letters in the email but -

I love this subject line. I use it all the time so let's see if I can change it without losing its impact.

Let's play around with it so Email Content Checker doesn't get cranky and give me another rotten score.

Making-Money-Online is just a walk in the park.

Now the score is 90, and I am good to go.

Well, you get the idea.

Write the subject line you really want but then check the score. 90 and above, you are good to go. Under 90, you need to work on it, and sometimes all it needs is a minor adjustment.

Remember your subject lines are the most important asset you have when you are promoting your business.

David Ogilvy, one of the pioneers of TV, Radio, and Print advertising, said spend 80% of your time writing the heading and 20% of your time writing the copy, and you will have spent your time wisely. It's called the 80/20 rule.

That's how important the headline or subject line is.

You want to use the good ones in email ads and solo ads, and social media. Test them first to see how they are going to go over.

This asset is your pathway to gold; make sure you use it properly.

Bottom line:

One way to get noticed online is to make sure your emails get into the inbox by making your content unique to you and testing your subject lines.

PART 2 - Surprise and Disguise.
Let me show you another way to make sure your email is unique and that you get noticed and remembered.

I call it the big surprise or the great disguise.

When you promote a popular site, your affiliate link to that site will be seen in emails many times in the coming weeks, and that alone is often enough to land you in the spam folder.

Depending on the lists that you use, if everyone is sending out the same link, Google says, "Hey, what's going on here?" and may send you to the spam folder where you do not pass go, and you do not collect $200.

Google doesn't really say, "Hey, what's going on here?" because Google can't talk, but you get the idea.

There's a simple and very effective way around that.

And that is to make your link unique, which not only helps you get into the inbox but creates mystery and intrigue around your link.

The way you do this is as follows:

I am going to log into one of our sites called Itsylinx and show you how this works.

If you are not a member, you can join free:

Here's a site I promoted recently about done4u list building.

The direct link is BORING and way too long.

So for my promos, I created this link.

This link is unique to me. No one else will have it. If you try to duplicate it exactly as it is at Itsylinx, you will get the message this title is already taken.

The link tells people exactly what it is about before they even open it...

"We Build Your List 4 You

let's do one more

Let's say I want to promote my site KuleTraffic the real link is

But in many of my ads, I talk about MoneyWheels, which is what Kuletraffic is all about, so I created a link at itsy that looks like this:

Those words will get that link opened, and not only that, I can uniquely use the word money and not get Google up in arms.

Itsy links take about 3 seconds to create.

Let's log in, and I will show you.

So let's say I want to disguise one of my most popular sites

And I want to disguise it so that people, who may think they know all about PFFA but haven't join it, click on the link.

So I cook up a new link using the words - YourPathToWealth.

Now the link will look like this -

I have 485 itsy links. I make one almost every day to reflect my promotion that day.

This is another wonderful way to stand out and make your mark on the internet.

Testing your subject lines and creating Itsy links can literally be done in seconds.

I guarantee if you do them both, you will find your sales increase because of these two simple things.

1. Your tested subject line gets your email into the inbox.

2. Your Itsy link intrigues your reader because it is like no other link.

PART 3 - How we started.
 When Phil and I started online 21 years ago, we wanted to get known fast, so we decided to do something fun.

We created two characters called Joe and Mable, and we wrote a book called - Joe? Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

Joe, an Aussie from Downunder, and Mable, a goofy New Yorker.

The book contained a group of funny solo ads we created, and we used the Joe and Mable characters to sell our solo ad service. It was a big hit. People loved it.

When you have a chance, take a look-see here. This is the Ebook that started it all.

Joe, Yes, Mable? Are We Rich Yet?

Later we turned the book into an online radio show called, you guessed it, Joe? Yes, Mable? Are we rich Yet?

A group of top marketers allowed us to write crazy funny scripts for them; they recorded their part and allowed us to make absolute fools of them.

We all had a fabulous time, and this how we got known on the net.

As far as we know, the Joe and Mable show is the only Joint Venture ever done online where no one said no to participating.

Don't be afraid to try new things, to be different, to take a chance.

The worse that can happen is you fall flat on your face, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try something else.

That happened to me when I was promoting this webinar.

I had a subject line for the webinar that was getting me almost no signups. It was about how to get noticed in a noisy online world. Some of you may have seen it.

One of our newer clients wrote to me that she was about to sign up, but she wasn't sure she actually wanted to get noticed online, which made me realize that I might actually be scaring people off rather than inviting them in. They might be afraid their privacy would be intruded upon.

I never intended that, nor did I think that my subject line might be communicating this to others.

So what do when your promotions fall flat?

You change them, and as soon as I did, more people came on board.

Bottom Line
You can do some simple things to stand out and increase your bottom line and put more dough in your pocket.

1. Test your subject lines.

2. Create interesting emails that showcase your personality and use a signature line of some sort that sets you apart from everyone else. People follow originals, not copies.

3. Disguise your links and create intrigue and mystery around your offer so that you stand out from the crowd.

To get you started down the right path, My partner, Phil, came up with a fabulous, affordable done for you service, giving you the tools you need to increase your own bottom line along with a mailer so you can test your subject lines.

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