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You won't have to find all those lists you mail to. A 1,000 people here, 2,000 there, 3,000 somewhere else. Some days it's a nightmare to find all those links.
On those days when I am worn out, and I don't want to go searching for the 30 lists I belong to, I mosey on over to 1-Stop Profits and Walk Away Mailer, send out my offers to more than 188,000 active users, and call it quits for the day.
It's so easy to do. Some days I feel like I am cheating.
And the biggest surprise was the signups I got from the 20 text ads and 20 banner ads I added to my account. I still get traffic from these every week. The best part is I sit back and let them run.
Imagine it's 3 months from now.
It's Monday morning, 8 am. You are about to start your marketing for the day, and your significant other pokes their head around your office and says, "I need you to go shopping," and they hand you a list they must have worked hours on. Then they tell you, "Don't forget you have to take Sam (your youngest son) to baseball practice at 11 am.
Your heart sinks a little and you think. Well, the morning is blown. How on earth am I going to find time to do my emailing? Then it dawns on you. I will go to the 1-Stop Profits and Walk Away Mailer websites, send my ads out now, and I can enjoy the rest of the day.
So you turn around, smile, and say, "Sure, no worries. Give me 10 minutes to send some ads out, and I'll get started."
This is the kind of life you want, isn't it?
So what do you get in this no-brainer - I gotta have this now mailing package?
  • You get 2 top-shelf mailers. 1 lets you auto email over 101,218 users every 2 days. The other lets you mail to 87,519 members every 2 days (value $46,355).

  • You get 2 downline mailers that let you stay in touch with your personally sponsored members each day (value $1000).

  • You get a jumbo size pack of 20 premium text ads (value $7,200).

  • You get a jumbo size pack of 20 premium banner ads (value $14,400).

  • You can giveaway One million free ad credits at each site to help you get fast sign-ups (value $10,000).

  • You can join all programs in the Cash Funnels. These popular sites help you get extra signups and sales on other websites to generate passive income.

  • Your email ads will rotate on the ad profits pages of both 1-Stop Profits and Walk Away Mailer giving you ever-increasing exposure for your offers.

  • Plus, you can earn a 35% commission on all membership sales you make for both sites.

You also get these fantastic bonuses when you snap up this offer today!
  • BONUS 1 - you get 10 million list building credits at (value $12,700).

  • BONUS 2 - You get 1 million ad-view credits at FrontPage Mail (value $5,000).

  • BONUS 3 - You get 2 million ad-view credits at Profit From Free Ads (value $10,000).

  • BONUS 4 - You get 1 million 1-Stop Profits ad-credits (value $5,000).

Total package value $111,655
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