Discount 'Stocking Stuffer' Christmas Advertising Package! 
It's the holiday season, and it's time to give, and that means you get to save BIG time with our Steal My Traffic holiday season advertising package. Only 50 12 advertising packages are available so you'll need to be quick before they disappear. 
When you join Steal MY Traffic at the expert level you would normally get to advertise 5 URL's for life, but because it is the season of giving we have something much better in store for you. Something extra special. Something that we think will blow your mind.

Take advantage of this outstanding offer today, and we'll multiply x 4 the number of websites you can advertise. You'll get 5, 10, 15, no 20 campaigns so you can get massive exposure for all your sites.
Here's what you get when you join at the expert level today...
Promote your websites on complete auto-pilot
Auto-steal the top AD spots without lifting a finger
Your website(s) display on thousands of web pages
Your ads appear 100x more often than free ads
You don't need to view ads to advertise your sites
Earn between $38.80 to $278.00 commission per sale
The total value of this executive package including the mammoth, bonuses below is $14,637.00 but you can save BIG TIME when you order today. 
You get a huge 5 million Sokule list building credits which Sokule uses to build a sizable list of potential buyers on complete auto-pilot. If you upgrade, you can email these list members. (value $6,350.00)
You get 1 million free advertising credits that will help you earn additional income from our popular advertising sites Profit From Free Ads. Paid members get to email other members. (value $4,999.00)
BONUS 3 - 500,000
This amazing marketing system rockets your websites to page one on the FPM search results page. Use the 500,000 credits to get your websites in front of potential buyers fast! (value $2,500.00)

Now we could have charged $497.00 for this package, and at that price, it would have been a bargain. But hey, it's the season of giving, so we finally settled on a crazy low $297.00.
Order now before the 50 12 packages left disappear!
IMPORTANT: When you order you will be sent to the main site to signup free. We will upgrade your account manually within 24 hours, and we will add the additional 15 campaigns to your account for a total of 20 campaigns. You will receive a detailed welcome letter from us.
Expert account with 20 campaigns  
$497.00 | $297.00
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