Tell Fear and Money Worries to Take a Hike!
How to create a booming business online by helping others.
  Phil Basten
Jane Mark
Welcome to the webinar.
Today we are going to look at a site and money maker for the times.
At the end of this webinar, I will be announcing a bonus for everyone who is on the call and stays to the end. So stay tuned. This gift is our way of saying thanks for spending part of your Saturday with us.
Let's start with a couple of questions
Question 1 - What is the bread and butter of any online business?
Answer - A quality product with a low entry price to get people in the door, followed by other quality products at higher prices. This is where the real dough is made.
Question 2 - What do we call this combination of low and high prices?
Answer - Low ticket items. Hi ticket items.
So let's talk about what we did with the book, Panic Attacks and How to Survive them.
I'll show you how we incorporated the bread and butter elements to create a truly unique, much-needed product that can help you make a ton of money, and -
If you follow along with me, I'll show you how a $94.00 investment can return up to $2027.00 from every sale of the ebook that you make.
Those who have already joined Unmess Your Life know that you can join this site:
  • Free.
  • You can just buy the ebook for $17.00.
  • Or, you can buy and brand the book with your links for $94.00.

If you join free, you can read five chapters of the book and get some handy tips that will help you with and stress or anxiety you may have.
If you buy the ebook, you can download and read the entire ebook, get even more powerful tips, plus you can earn $7.00 if someone buys the ebook from your affiliate link.

The ebook costs $17.00, so that's a nice way to get started online and begin to learn how to turn a simple small investment into a bigger one.
The big bucks come when you buy and brand the ebook, which you can buy for $94.00 when you first sign up, or $124.00 if you decide to upgrade later in the member's area. In either case, it's a small investment that can net you a whole lot of dough over time.
Here's how this process works.
There are five sites mentioned in the ebook, and when you brand the ebook, your affiliate IDs for those sites will appear in both the free report and the full ebook.
The five sites are.
  • Sokule
  • Onyalist
  • FrontPage Mail
  • Unmess Your Life
  • Profit From Free Ads
Okay, so far, you have invested $94.00, and if you sell the ebook and the branding to just one person, here's what you could potentially earn.
Let's run the numbers.
There are some assumptions that form the basis for these numbers and here they are.
1. We are showing you the highest return you can get when someone upgrades under your link to the highest level in the sites in the ebook.
2. This example assumes that you have also upgraded to the highest level in the sites mentioned. I see many here that have already upgraded.
  • When someone upgrades to buyer/brander in the Panic Attacks ebook, you earn $49.60.

  • When someone upgrades to the highest level in Onyalist with the video backgrounds, you earn $120.50.

  • When someone upgrades to the highest level in Profit From Free Ads, you earn $584.50.

  • When someone upgrades to the highest level in FrontPage Mail, you earn $523.50.

  • And, when someone upgrades to the highest level in Sokule, you earn $748.50.
Now your potential income looks like:
  • $49.60
  • $120.50
  • $584.50
  • $523.50
  • $748.50
  • Total $2027.05
Your $94.00 investment has the potential to earn you $2027.05 from just one person.
Imagine the kind of business and income you could generate if you made just a few sales every month.
Now I know you are saying, but I have to upgrade in those other sites to earn these high commissions. Yes, you do, but you don't have to do this all at once. You can do it over-time. You can upgrade at a lower level and use your earnings to upgrade to higher levels. 
And this is a rule you can apply to any sites that you join.
Let's take Profit From Free Ads as another example. You can join PFFA free and upgrade starting at $17.00. Memberships go all the way up to $1169.00 and everywhere in between. The higher you upgrade the more money you make on each sale.
The Panic Attack ebook offers you,
  • A way to help people who suffer from stress, and anxiety.

  • A way to build a list by offering a free report. A list you can email daily.

  • If you buy the brander/buyer offer for $94.00 or even $124.00, you can add your affiliate IDs in the report and the whole book, and then you have a shot at earning $2027.00 from each person who buys through your links.

Let's sum this up.
Each of the five sites in the ebook that we are talking about today offer you the foundation of a profitable business online.
  • Each site offers a free or low entry point and gives you the option to upgrade to a higher level.

  • Each site helps you build a list, and this is crucial to your success online. You can mail daily to the list that you grow.

  • Each site offers you a low ticket option at an affordable price, plus the ability to maximize your commissions with high-ticket upgrades as you learn how the site works, and you learn how to market it.

  • Each site can take a small investment and turn it into a high return and;

  • Each site is located at the end of the ebook Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them.
There are two ways to promote the ebook.
  • You can promote the main affiliate link when you want to build your list fast as that link emphasizes the free to join and help aspect of the book. Main affiliate link:

  • You can promote the second affiliate link, which emphasizes the money-making aspect of the book. Use this affiliate link if you want to target people who want to make more money online and show the earning power of Panic Attacks and How To Survive Them.

So, here is what I recommend.
Buy the buyer/brander membership using the link below, which will let you get started for $94.00. You get the ebook and branding rights.
Join the other four sites and upgrade to the level where you feel comfortable. Most of the sites have a free to join option, but that won't get you earning the big bucks.
When I join a site that I like, I always upgrade to the highest level before I promote it so that if I make a sale, I can maximize my returns.
So if you want to experience how the big bucks are made, give Panic Attacks a try, upgrade your Panic Attack membership to the buyer/brander level below.
Webinar Opportunity
Panic Attacks Buyer/Brander
Click the link below to grab this offer and save $30.00.
(Hint: Watch for the special offer on the payment page).
If you are not a member of Panic Attacks you can join us here
(You will see the special offer as you signup).
If you are an existing buyer/brander member of Panic Attacks
you can pick up a special bonus offer here
Next - Maximize your income potential.
Join the four sites below and upgrade in some or all to the highest level you can comfortably afford, and you are on your way to a nice income online.
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