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If writing subject lines for your email ads are like having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, our new mailer HEADLINE MAIL is the solution you've been looking for!
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Headline Mail writes order pulling subject lines that get results for you.
One of the hardest things to do in email marketing is to get your emails opened. Everything depends on your subject line. How compelling it is and whether it triggers an emotional reaction that causes your readers to want to open your email and find out more.
Headline Mail helps your emails get out of the spam box and into your reader's inbox.
Subject lines are the first thing many email host spam filters check, and if you have spam words in your subject line your reader's may not see your email in their inbox, and you won't make a lot of sales. Headline Mail solves this problem by giving you over 120 proven subject lines.
You can choose our tested subject lines or change them to suit your needs.
Headline Mail is so easy to use. Just choose a subject line you want to use from a drop-down menu and the script will auto-insert it into the subject line for you. Then you decide whether you want to keep it as is or change it to suit own needs. You can even retest your modified subject line using the tool we use. The link is in the report you get with your account.
Headline Mail gives you solo ads for life, and you can mail your offers every two days.  
Stop wasting money buying solo ads each year when you can get solo ads for life for a low one-time payment. You can send your offers every two days forever, and you send them to all members no matter how large the list grows. Save big money with Headline Mail.
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You get the amazing Headline Mailer that writes your subject lines for you. More email opens, more sales. (value $27,000.00)
You get the Crazy Climber system that forces your sites into the top 10. More exposure, more traffic. (value infinite)
You get the clever Jackpot Points system that keeps your sites in the top 10. More ad views, more traffic. (value infinite)
You get a Downline Mailer so you can stay in contact with your signups daily. More contact, more sales. (value $500.00)
You get up to 100,000 Points so you can start advertising instantly. More ad exposure, more traffic. (value $500.00)
You can give away 100,000 advertising points and get easy signups. Build your list fast. (value $500.00)
You can advertise 10 of your favorite websites and get mass exposure. More ad exposure, more traffic. (value $5,400.00)
You get six small banner ads 125x125 to advertise your best websites. More ad exposure, more traffic. (value $4,320.00)
You get 2 large banner ads 250x250 to advertise your top websites. More ad exposure, more traffic. (value $3,600.00)
You get 10 free forever text ads to advertise any product you like. More ad exposure, more traffic. (value $7,200.00)
You earn 40% commission on all  membership sales. If you are going to promote something you should get paid well.
You get a free copy of our Email Subject Lines Swipes report. More conversions,  more money. (value $97.00)
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BONUS 1 - You get 10 million list building credits from Sokule. (value $12,700.00)
BONUS 2 - You get 2 million ad credits from Profit From Free Ads. (value $9,998.00)
BONUS 3 - You get 1 million ad credits from FrontPage Mail. (value $5,000.00)
You also get a surprize bonus that we know you'll love with a value of $297.00
The total value of this fabulous advertising package is a huge $77,112.00
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