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The last 9 months have been a whirlwind for Phil and I.

We have been busy creating new technology to help you get your offers noticed fast in a big old noisy and competitive world. Now we are about to give birth to the most exciting site we have created.

You see, I have been hooking up with Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban from the Shark Tank, and sites like,, and and so many other well-known sites.

Now we have made it possible for you to do the same thing as we are doing in an easy, affordable and highly rewarding way.

You will be amazed when you see how I am doing this. It is super easy.

Here is what I am inviting you to do.

1) Take a look at the new site.
It is called Oodles of Traffic - OOT for Short.

Listen to my audio at the top to get a fast overview. Mid page I show you how we go about hooking up with Oprah or any other site for that matter.

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OOT Ads have real power. You can put them on any website on the net and target them to exactly what you are selling.

You will see some examples on the Founder special page. They are super easy to create. You can literally create ad OOT ad in under 60 seconds.

You get 5 choices of the kind of ads you want to use. You can use any or all of the ad types. The basic founder package gives you 12 OOT ads that you can edit or delete at any time you like.

You also have the option to become an unlimited partner which means you can set up as many OOT ads as you like.

In the training section I show you exactly how to set up each one. Once you set one up, you will be addicted.
The Training section is open and you can watch me set up 5 ads in no time at all. They are drop dead easy to do.

Hook your ads up with your favorite celebrity, your favorite money site, your favorite health and fitness site, your favorite bitcoin site, your favorite golf, jewelry, or book site. How about a well-known pet site.

Well you get the idea.

Any site that is big online you can hook your OOT ads up with and piggy back on their reputation and influence. If a site  exists on the net, you can hook up with it and borrow its clout, its authority, and its credibility.
A marketing site would not be complete without a mailer.

At OOT we give you 2 super mailers. A down-line mailer so you can stay in contact with your signups, and an OOT Mailer that allows you to reach up to 3,000 active users.
A marketing site would also not be complete without a list builder and what better way to list build than have your contacts play a fun game and win daily.

This is a lotto game that will fast track your sign ups. It has a free to join option and they way we designed it will result in a large down-line for you.

After all, who doesn't love playing lotto and winning prizes. I do and I bet your list members and contacts will too and will join under you faster that you can say makemineanoot.

We are even building in a way that causes people to play daily, win daily, and view ads daily to qualify for the monthly OOTs Jackpot.

Founders earn 50% on every sale and you get paid every Friday. That means you can earn big money fast.

This site is super easy to sell because it has innovative technology that allows you to borrow influence from others and use it to get you sign ups and sales for your own sites.
Take a careful look at the sales page...

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Drop your mic, Drop your coffee, but what ever you do don't drop the ball. Signup as a founder today!

Go get um.
Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc.

PS: We are only accepting Founding members at this time. Thanks for your understanding.

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