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Every day people are bombarded with ads, marketing sites, and new products and programs. They have learned to switch off and they are getting smarter.

You may have noticed it is getting harder and harder to sell stuff through direct advertising.

The internet is called the information superhighway for a good reason. People search for information every day. They don't search for ads.

With OOT you can show them the information they are looking for and show your offer at the same time.

One day you find a great article on getting traffic that you think your list members could benefit from, so you send it to them.

If you are not using OOT, they read it and you are done. You did a good sevice but you made nothing for your effeorts.

If you were using OOT they would still read the article but they would see your offer on the website at the same time. Bingo, you now have a chance to make some sales.

Oodles of Traffic was created to give you high impact, unparalleled authority, and more money in your bank account.

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If you want to get noticed fast in a noisy and competitive marketplace, OOT is a unique way to do it. 
  • You get 12 high impact ads that you can place on any authority or influential website you choose, and you get to use all five high impact ad styles we offer, including.
    (1) 250 x 250 banner ad (example)

    (2) 250 x 250 banner with 2 banners of 125 x 125 underneath (example)

    (3) 250 x 250 banner ad and a text underneath it. (example)

    (4) 480 x 320 light-box ad - Choose from 11 different styles, upload your light-box ad, or we can design one for you. (example)

    (5) 500 x 377 action overlay ad - Choose from 4 highly effect styles and use our wording, or choose edit and change the sales copy to your text.

  • You get 2 online mailers. A daily down-line mailer, plus an OOT mailer that sends your offers to 3000 active members every 2 days.

  • You earn 50% commission on all OOT membership sales and you get paid weekly.

  • You get a unique link for each ad you set up and that ad and link are added automatically to the OOT Profits page when other members can earn OOTs by viewing your ads. Your link will look something like -

  • Others promote your small banner ads for you. That's right, your small banner ads also rotate on other free, pro and  expert pages and that means you could literally have thousands of OOT  affiliates promoting your offers for you.

You also get these valuable bonuses.
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