Double Dipping for Dollars!
  Phil Basten
Jane Mark
Welcome to the webinar.
Today we are going to do a complete Walk Through of our new mailing site, called WalkAwayMailer. We call it WAM, and by the time we finish today, you will understand the real power of this UNIQUE mailing site.
I describe it as double-dipping, and I will show you this in action when we log into the member's area in just a few minutes.
At the end of this webinar, I will announce a valuable bonus for everyone who stays to the end. So stay awake. This gift is our way of saying thanks for spending part of your Saturday with us.
Before we log in to Walk Away Mailer, I want to ask you a couple of questions to get the little grey cells percolating.
Question 1 - When you mail at WAM, how many people are you mailing to?
Answer - over 94,000.
Question 2 - There are 4 double dips at WAM, can you name 1 or 2?
Answer 1 - The cash funnel.
This is a mirror image of the cash-funnel at our sister site, 1StopProfits, and it's designed to make sales.
Answer 2 - 1 million ad credits giveaway.
You can give away 1 million ad credits at WAM and its sister site, with 1StopProfits and play them off one against the other. I will show you what I mean in a few minutes.
Answer 3 - Adding banners to your emails.
You can add a banner to each email you send that matches your email content. It could also be another site. In either case, you have two chances to make a sale or get a new downline member.
Answer 4 - Keywords.
You can attach keywords from FPM to any of your emails and get higher search rankings which means more visibility for your emails.
So let's log in and I will show you what I am talking about.
BTW - Phil is the chat room, and you can ask him anything about anything while the webinar is going on, so don't be shy. Get all your questions answered while I show you all around the WAM member area.
The Platinum level membership gives you the most bang for your buck, and you can take advantage of it in the Webinar Bonus Section at the bottom of this page.
Here are the benefits.
Two mailers - Manual and Auto Mail.
  • You can use the manual Walk Away Mailer every two days for the life of your membership instead of the Auto-Mailer. (value $35,854).

  • You can auto email over 94,717 users every 2 days (value $35,854).

  • You don't have to earn any credits to mail.

  • You can set up the Auto-Mailer with different subject lines and let it run over 6 days without logging in.
Cash funnel + Double-dipping
  • When you add your affiliate IDs to all of the sites listed in our cash funnel, they are also appear in the pages linked to the top menu items in the member's area.

  • We call this double-dipping. Your links show everywhere.

  • When your links show up everywhere, you get more signups, and you make more sales.

  • You can make sales from dozens of top rated and tested sites.
The 1 million giveaway.
  • As a Platinum member, you get to give-away 1-Million ad-credits to each of the people you sponsor. (Value $5000.00).

  • These 1 million ad-credits are added automatically to the account of each person who validates their account. You don't do a thing.

  • This gift of ad-credits is the perfect way to build a list for you instantly. Who doesn't want a million free-advertising credits?

  • Watch your downline list growing faster than a cat can grow whiskers when you offer people a million no-cost ad-credits.

  • You can email this downline daily.
Adding banners to emails.
  • You can add a banner to any email you send out when you are a platinum member of WAM.

  • These banners speak volumes in your emails and add to the sign-ups and sales you can make from just 1 email.

  • These banners are optional, you can add them or not.
Daily traffic.
  • Set up your text and banners, and we send traffic to them daily. You get 10 text ads and 10 banners ads. You can edit these ads anytime you like.
The Money.
  • As a Platinum member, you can earn up to $243.95 when you sell memberships at WAM

  • Plus, you can pocket thousands of dollars from cash-funnel affiliate program sales. The cash funnel features dozens of tested sites.
How WAM Works.
  • You pop your main ad copy in the mailer.

  • You enter 3 different subject lines.

  • Your ad goes out every 2 days with a different subject line.

  • You just set it, forget it, and walk away.

  • We do the rest.

  • Come back in 6 days and rinse and repeat with a new add or send the same ad again for another 6 days.
This is the only kind of auto mailer I use because I can test 3 different subject lines over 6 days, get stats on them, and not lose open rates. Because the subject lines are different.
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