Here’s how you can get others to promote your affiliate websites for you when they advertise their websites.

Imagine for a minute that you had 10, 50, or even 100 people advertising your website for you each time they promote their website or affiliate site. Do you think that might put some much needed extra greenbacks in your pocket?

This unique advertising program attracts people to your website like an industrial strength magnet.

Start selling ad blocks on our fast-growing network and begin stuffing money in your pocket today. It's fun, and profitable, and we'll pay you to advertise Viral Ads Depot.

More Exposure

Reach new audiences with your offers and get seen by more people than you thought possible.

More Leads

When your ads get seen by a different audience you get more leads so your business can grow.

More Signups

More leads gives you more signups and that means more people to share what you offer.

More Sales

More signups often results in more sales and this helps to make your businesses thrive.

Here's how this unique system works.

Normally, when you advertise your website or affiliate link, you get one shot at getting a prospect to signup or making a sale, and that’s it. If no one likes your site or has seen the program before, you missed your chance.

VAD changes this equation by giving you multiple chances to get signups and sales, and here’s how we do it. When you advertise your sites, we give you a unique link to use, and we show a small vertical ad block on the left-hand side of your page.

The top ad in the ad block, the one with the picture, is your ad because you are doing the promoting. The other 3 smaller text ads, below the main ad, belong to other users.

 When other users promote their sites one of the three small text ads could be yours, and this means lot's of other people could be advertising your website or affiliate site for you.

CEO level members get all ad slots in the ad block. Only their ads appear on their links.

Are you beginning to see how powerful, this system is?

Any Website URL

Just enter your website URL or affiliate link and we will create a special link which contains our special ad-code for you to use.

Special Ad Code

Our special ad code contains one main ad with an image, plus 3 small text ads which rotate on all members ad blocks below the main ad.

1,000s of Views

When your downline members advertise their sites or affiliate links, your ads will rotate in one of the 3 remaining slots. 

Unlimited Sites

Based on your account level you can advertise unlimited affiliate offers and products. More ads can mean more money in your pocket.

Choose your ad block look and feel

There are 3 ad block styles you can choose from. Image at the top, image in the middle. Image by itself.

Choose how many
ads appear

You can choose how many ads appear in your ad block. 2, 3 or 4. This depends on your account level.

Choose where your ad block appears

You can choose from two main positions. Slide up from bottom left or slide in from bottom right.

Choose how many ad rotations you want

The higher your ad rotations the more frequently your ads appear on other users ad blocks. Choose wisely.

Choose from these popular ad-blocks.

You can use your own images in the TV screens. Ad-block sizes may vary. For example the TV screen ad-blocks on the left and right will be larger than they appear here. The two ad-blocks in the center are close to the right size.

Here's how you earn with VAD.

Start earning today. You can choose from 4 affordable memberships and join a popular, innovative program where everyone earns.

You can earn income when you advertise sites you own, and people like and buy what you are selling.

You can earn income from sales you make through the image ad at the top of the special link ad block.  

You can earn income when others promote their sites, and your ads rotate in their special ad-block.

You can earn income when people click on the earn with Ads By Vad button at the bottom of your ad-block.

Special team mailer and solo ad mailer 

You get access to a special team mailer where you can mail all your team members. The team list is built like a matrix but with infinite width. There is also a powerful solo ad mailer, available separately, which allows you to send solo ads to a valuable all paid member list.