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From: Phil Basten

Finding high quality, compelling and helpful content that you can be proud to sell is extremely difficult to locate. In fact, most people who write private label know absolutely nothing about the topics they're working on and many don't even have a passable command of the English language!

Worse, private label content tends to get saturated quickly, making it virtually useless if you're not one of the first to sell it.

Well, the good news is that you've just found that exceptionally rare and unique business in a box!

I'm going to help you extend your outreach, make more money and build authority in your markets by offering you some of the highest quality private label content you'll ever find online! And you'll be able to add your name to the product, generate instant brand awareness and start selling the product to your customers instantly!

And because I tend to go a little crazy with everything I include in my business in a box packages, you won't have to lift a finger! I've done ALL of the work for you!
Skip All Of The Work! 
Get Your Hands On A Pre-made Business In A Box That You Can Start Selling Today!
Your customers aren't going to settle for rehashed guides or poorly written content. They want high-quality information that will help them achieve their goals.

This puts a lot of pressure on you, doesn't it?

It means that you have to write sharper, engaging and actionable content that speaks to your audience. It's the only possible way to stand out in your market.

But, do you really have the time to do that? Do you have the skill and experience to create high-quality information products fast enough to satisfy demand?

Sure, you could outsource the work to freelance writers, but unless you're willing to pay well above average rates, you'll likely end up with a horrible product you are ashamed to sell.

This is where I come in.

My goal is to offer you the highest quality private label content possible. I want my pre-made business in a box packages to look and feel like the products launched by the 7-figure earners in your market.

After all, why should the quality of private label content be any different?
Affiliate Rocket Premium PLR!
Fully Loaded Business in a Box!
Never Before Released Content!!
This is a brand new, high-quality private label business in a box in an evergreen market: affiliate marketing!

A business-in-a-box means you don't have to lift a finger or do any work whatsoever because I've created everything you need to get this offer up and running within a few minutes!

This is a very hot topic that is easy to sell. In fact, it's one of the most in-demand topics in the business.

And this package comes with Full Private Label Rights!
With your PLR license, you’ll be able to...
Put your name on the package and sell it as your own with personal rights!
Make fast money without doing any work!
Build a brand in affiliate marketing as a leader in quality information!
Grow your business and mailing list with high-quality content! 
Power up your back-end offers with fresh, new content! 
And the list goes on and on…

Best of all, this course will push people into your sales funnel who are either brand new or just starting to learn. This means they are in the early stages of their online business and will need tools, resources, products, and recommendations.

That's just another way for you to earn even more money from your new customers.
Take a Look at Everything You Get!
Module #1: High-Quality Product
VALUE $997.99

This high-quality eBook includes over 100 pages of actionable, researched and accurate information on how to make money in affiliate marketing.

Written by a seasoned affiliate marketer and bestselling author with years of experience.

Here's a quick overview:

    • Up-to-date, comprehensive and actionable information.
    • Perfect for any marketer who wants to make money in affiliate marketing.
    • Professionally formatted and edited manuscript.
    • Includes private label rights!
    • Comes in both PDF and DOCX formats.
Module #2: Sales Page System
VALUE $697.99
This done-for-you sales page system eliminates all of the work and makes it easy for you to start making money selling this high-quality private label content package!
Includes: Sales page design with copy, product download page and more!
Module #3: List Building System
VALUE $297.99

It's never been easier to build a list with our pre-made list building package that includes a squeeze page, a high-quality report, and even a 7-day autoresponder series! 

Comes with all source files so you can easily modify the content and graphics to suit your brand!

Module #4: Bonus Content
VALUE $297.99
Tons of fresh, new bonus content that you can use however you choose! Includes all source files as well as cover graphics!

Module #5: Video Tutorials
VALUE $147.99
The video tutorials introduce the course, and helps guide your customers through every step of the process towards becoming super affiliates! High-quality video with voice-overs.

Module #6: Mind Map
VALUE $27.99
Bonus: I've created a mind map for your customers! People love these visual aids!

Module #7: Promo Tools
VALUE $97.99
This package comes with all of the promotional tools you need! Banners in all sizes, complete with PSD files! 
Value: $2,465.95!
Today you pay only: $27!
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I know I don't have to sell you on this because you already know that making money in affiliate marketing is a very hot topic and so it'll obviously be easy to sell to your customers. 
In fact, it's one of the most in-demand topics on the internet and, since I've done ALL of the work for you, you can start selling it within minutes... and keep 100% of the profits!

Your Exclusive Private Label License includes:
  • 100-page high quality ebook that has been professionally edited.

  • Complete business-in-a-box sales system, complete with sales page, download page, terms, disclaimer and more.

  • List building system, complete with responsive squeeze page, 7-day list building autoresponder series, special report, and more.

  • High quality, professional graphics. Includes ebook covers, report covers and more.

  • Source files provided for content and graphics (Comes in  PDF, and DOCX formats as well as PSD files).

    • Bonus content that includes over 100 additional pages!

    • Bonus auxiliary components, including a visual mind map, checklist and more!

  • Video tutorials (4-part series) that will help your customers get started quickly!

  • Promotional banner package with source files!

Just $27!
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Normally I'd sell a private label license to this package for at least $197. In fact, I have never sold a PLR license to a package quite like this for less than that.

But to celebrate my return to the PLR marketplace, I'm launching this special content package for a lot less than that.
Today, you can purchase your license to sell this exclusive package for just $27!          
Now, fair warning - this offer won't last long.                      
Once all licenses have been purchased, I will pull this offer and it will never be made available at this price again. So, don't miss out! This is the kind of high-quality private label content package you've been waiting for!

To your success,
Phil Basten

P.S: This special package comes with everything you need! I've done all the work for you so that you can slap your name on this product and start making money immediately. You don't want to miss this one! Limited licenses available. Once they're gone, they're gone forever.
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